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Tip #9: Incorporate Parental Communication

Updated: Feb 11

An integral part of creating a comprehensive plan with Elina involves including a note to parents. This communication fosters a partnership between teachers and parents, supporting and extending the learning process beyond the classroom.

Benefits of Including Parents

  1. Enhances the learning environment by ensuring continuity at home.

  2. Keeps parents informed about their child's classroom activities and progress.

  3. Encourages parental involvement and support for homework and projects.

How to Implement This Tip

  • Specify Information for Parents: When creating a plan with Elina, mention any key points you’d like to communicate to parents, such as upcoming projects, specific achievements, or areas for support at home.

  • Request a Parent Note: Ask Elina to generate a note to parents based on the plan’s content, tailored to inform and engage them in their child's learning journey.

  • Customize Communication: Tailor the tone and content of the communication to reflect the unique aspects of your student group and their families.

Examples for Effective Parental Communication

Elina’s Plan Suggestion: "A week-long unit on plant growth."

Parent Note Request: "Please include a note to parents explaining the unit on plant growth, suggesting ways they can discuss this topic at home, and inviting them to contribute any home garden pictures for classroom discussion."

Incorporating parental communication into your plans with Elina not only enhances the educational experience for your students but also builds a supportive and engaged learning community.



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