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Tip #7: Set Clear Objectives

Updated: Feb 11

A key to effective educational planning with Elina is discussing the specific curriculum objectives, competences, and skills you aim to address. Providing Elina with this detailed information allows her to develop plans that are directly aligned with your educational goals, ensuring that every activity is purposeful and impactful.

Why Clear Objectives Matter

Specifying your educational objectives:

  1. Guides Elina in selecting the most appropriate activities and resources.

  2. Ensures that the content delivered is relevant and meets educational standards.

  3. Helps in tracking student progress against predefined benchmarks.

How to Communicate Your Objectives

  • Be Specific About Skills and Knowledge: Outline the specific skills or knowledge areas you want your students to develop or improve upon.

  • Align With Curriculum Goals: Mention any curriculum standards or goals that your activities need to meet.

  • Highlight Desired Competencies: If there are broader competences, such as critical thinking or collaboration, include these in your objectives.

Examples for Clarity

  1. Instead of: "I need a lesson on numbers." Try: "I'm seeking a lesson plan focused on developing number recognition and counting skills for 3-year-olds, aligning with the early math section of our curriculum."

  2. Instead of: "Plan an art activity." Try: "Please create an art activity that enhances fine motor skills and creativity in 4 to 5-year-olds, incorporating recyclable materials."

By setting clear objectives with Elina, you ensure that the educational content not only engages your students but also drives them towards achieving specific learning outcomes.



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