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Tip #6: Clarify and Confirm Details

Updated: Feb 11

After sharing your initial planning details with Elina, it's crucial to review her summary of your request. This step is your opportunity to ensure all information is accurately captured and understood. Clarifying and confirming at this stage helps prevent any misunderstandings and ensures the final plan meets your exact needs.

Why This Step Matters

Taking a moment to verify the details with Elina ensures that:

  1. All student group characteristics are correctly noted.

  2. The learning environment and time frame are properly understood.

  3. Student interests and strengths are accurately integrated into the plan.

How to Effectively Clarify and Confirm

  • Review Elina’s Summary Carefully: Make sure all the details you provided are reflected correctly.

  • Ask for Adjustments if Needed: If something isn’t quite right, don’t hesitate to correct it. Elina is here to work with you to create the best possible plan.

  • Confirm to Proceed: Once everything looks good, give Elina the green light to proceed with generating the plan. This ensures that the final output is precisely what you envisioned.

Example for Better Understanding

  • Elina’s Summary: "You’ve requested a 45-minute indoor science lesson plan for 20 four-year-olds interested in animals, focusing on animal habitats."

  • Your Clarification: "Please adjust to include two children with special support needs and emphasize sensory activities within the animal habitats theme."

  • Confirmation: "Yes, that’s correct. Please proceed with the adjusted plan."

This careful review and confirmation process with Elina not only streamlines your planning but also enhances the quality and relevance of the educational experiences you provide.



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