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Tip #1: Be Specific with Your Needs

Updated: Feb 9

When initiating a conversation with Elina, clarity and specificity about your lesson or project objectives are key. Elina is designed to understand and respond to your needs as precisely as possible. The more detailed you are in your requests, the more tailored and impactful the generated plans will be.

Why It Matters

Elina thrives on details. By providing specific information about what you're aiming to achieve, Elina can better sift through her extensive database of educational strategies, activities, and resources to find those that best match your criteria.

Examples to Guide You

Here are a few examples of how being specific can enhance your interaction with Elina:

  • Instead of: "I need a lesson plan." Try: "I need a 45-minute lesson plan focused on outdoor environmental science activities for a group of fifteen 4-year-olds."

  • Instead of: "Help me with a project." Try: "I need an art-based activity for toddlers, focusing on identifying shapes and exploring colors, perfect for small group engagement."

  • Instead of: "I need activity ideas." Try: "Please suggest a storytelling session for 3 to 4-year-olds that enhances vocabulary with the help of puppets and visual aids."

By adopting this approach, you'll enable Elina to provide you with highly customized and creative solutions, enriching your teaching and your students' learning experiences.

Getting Started

Next time you log in to Elina, keep this tip in mind and watch how it transforms your planning process. Remember, specificity is the key to unlocking Elina's full potential.

We're excited to see the wonderful plans you and Elina will create together! If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.



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