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Tested by Teachers

Made in Finland

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Three Reasons to Choose Elina


Group Profiles for Tailored Learning Experiences

Elina elevates educational planning by integrating Group Profiles into every aspect of her planning process. When creating activity, project, or group plans, Elina automatically considers each group's unique interests, strengths, support needs, and the competencies that need emphasis. This ensures that every plan is not just a schedule of activities but a customized pathway to learning, designed to engage and uplift every student based on their individual profiles. With Elina, educators can rest assured that the diversity of their classroom is not just recognized but celebrated and nurtured.


Child-Centered Pedagogical Approach

At the heart of Elina's functionality lies a commitment to child-centered education. Trained on a vast array of documents, methodologies, and teacher-approved lesson plans that prioritize this approach, Elina offers educators a powerful ally in crafting learning experiences that truly revolve around the child. This pedagogical stance ensures that activities are not only developmentally appropriate but also deeply engaging, fostering an environment where children feel seen, heard, and inspired to explore their interests and strengths at their own pace.


GDPR Compliance and Data Security

In today’s digital age, data security is paramount, especially in the educational sector. Unlike other AI solutions, Elina stands out by being fully GDPR compliant, with all data securely hosted within the EU. This ensures that your information never crosses borders, and Elina's stateless AI model guarantees that no personal data or information is retained after your session ends. Educators, schools, and parents can trust in Elina’s commitment to privacy and security, making her a reliable and safe choice for educational planning and communication.

Tips & Tricks to Get Started


Custom Lesson Plans by Elina

Elina swiftly creates tailored lesson plans based on brief inputs from teachers and in-depth analysis of the group's Individual Education Plans (IEPs). This dual approach ensures hyper-personalized, curriculum-aligned content that caters to every student's unique interests, strengths and support needs, making each lesson a focused and engaging educational experience.

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What Elina Offers

Elina is more than just a teaching assistant; she's a comprehensive solution for schools, directors, teachers, and parents. Here's how Elina brings value to each:


For Directors and Schools

Empower Your Curriculum and Streamline Operations

Elina enhances schools by integrating AI-driven insights for a dynamic curriculum and streamlining operations for directors. This approach not only modernizes education but also boosts efficiency, allowing schools to focus on excellence and strategic growth.


For Teachers

Your Classroom, Enhanced

Teachers gain a reliable assistant in Elina, who provides innovative tools for personalized lesson planning and student assessment. Elina helps in understanding each student's unique needs, making teaching more impactful and less stressful.

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Built in Finland for the Whole World

Elina is a gem from Finland, home to the world's leading child-centered education system. She brings this excellence globally, ensuring every child benefits from a tailored learning approach. Hosting in Europe guarantees full GDPR compliance, and with stateless technology, Elina ensures user interactions are secure and private, without retaining personal data.

Child-Centered Education

Hosted in Europe and GDPR Compliant

Total Privacy Ensured

Elina's Planning Power: Tailored Learning for Every Child

Elina brings a special touch to lesson planning with features designed to put children at the center of learning. Here's a peek at what Elina offers: Expertise in "child-centered" teaching methods. Full plans for a wide range of activities. Plans built around what kids like and do best. Ways to get parents involved in the learning journey. Smart ways to see how kids are doing. Lessons focused on skills kids need for the future. Help for kids who need it in certain activities. Easy-to-share plans in PDF format. With Elina, planning isn’t just easier—it’s smarter, making education more engaging and effective for every child.

Our Valued Partners: Collaborating for Educational Excellence

At TinyApp, we're honored to join hands with a diverse range of partners and clients. Each collaboration enriches our journey, as we collectively strive to innovate and elevate the educational experience worldwide.

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Primary school teacher

“I've found Elina exceptionally user-friendly, and the guidelines for educational planning are outstandingly clear and effective.”

ECE teacher

“Elina gave me ideas that I hadn't thought of myself. It broadened my thinking and nicely included the transversal competences and learning areas of early childhood education.”

ECE teacher

“I got good overall plans that also took the learning environment into account! Elina sped up the planning work and I was able to modify my preliminary ideas into good wholes with her help.”

Choose Elina for an innovative, transformative educational experience – elevate your classroom with technology that truly makes a difference

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